Welcome to Kevala Celebration Center

KEVALA Foundation  is an India based charitable trust that is actively enriching the awareness and social consciousness of aspirants through guidance offered on joyful living, science of yoga, wellness, environment and self-empowerment. Training programs will be offered through residential workshops, seminars and symposiums.

Kevala Celebration Centre :  Will serve as a hub for exploring, experience and elevating awareness through the subtle journey of yoga, veda, ayurveda, tantra, art, music, dance, meditation, healing and serving. 

Kevala Cosmic Forest : unique cluster of rare trees gathering energies from stars, planets, elemental forces and serving as a powerful healing zone and ushering rains.

Kevala Charitable Trust : Charity trust to provide food, clothing, and awareness to under-privileged rural aspirants

   Upcoming Events
Powerful Ascension Meditation
25 Nov, 2014, 7PM to 10 PM
Dubai, UAE
Meditation with Dr. Pradeep Ullal
28 Nov, 2014, 7.30AM to 10.30AM
Dubai, UAE
Powerful Ascension Meditation
29 Nov,2014, 10AM to 12 PM
Dubai, UAE.