Sacred Tours by Kevala
We have been conducting Pilgrimages, Nature Trails, Adventure tours in high energy places of  Himalayas, Andes, and sacred places across the world.  We offer you qualified guides, and journeying with Yogi Pradeep brings to you opportunity to derive deep insights and experiences. Some of tours offered are:

  • Arunachala (Thiruvannamalai)
    (journey scheduled in December 2012):: 

    Arunachala is the holy hill at Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, where the Annamalaiyar Temple, a temple of Lord Shiva is located. Every year in the Tamil month of Karthigai (October–November), the Karthigai Deepam (Light) is lit atop the hill. It is the most important holy place for people practicing Atma vichara (self enquiry) and one of the 5 main shaivite holy places in South India. The ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramana Ashram is also situated at its foothills. Arunachala is revered as the body of shiva in meditation. A trek to hill top is a powerful experience in itself, as one gets an opportunity to meditate in caves which Ramana Maharishi meditated. A visit to Arunachala is signficant for people on the path of awareness. It signifies asension of consciousness. When the intent is clear, one gets to receive tremendous energies and blessings of higher beings that govern the sacred hill.

  • Peru: Journey of Transformations:: Sacred Union of Himalayas & Andes
    (journey scheduled in January 2013)::  See link for more info

    The sheer intensity of path of ascension and unity with higher self finds expression in a sacred journey to Peru. The journey of a lifetime brings to aspirants a deep insightful union of himalayas and Andes. This call is to integrate the power of the Himalayas and the beauty of the Andes - the Masculine and Feminine poles of the Earth - inside of you. We live on a Planet of polarities and this is an invitation to enter into the marriage of Beauty and Power, to return to Wholeness and fulfill your spiritual

    We are all Masters - coming home and returning to our origins. We are made by memories of the Ancient Time embedded in the Ancient Codes that hold the key to
    our Self-Mastery. It is time to remember who we are, to integrate on all levels of Being, aligning the Cosmos with the highest purpose of your Soul. The Hour of joy
    and celebration into the Heart of Oneness has come.

    The Andes represent the land of magic, where the Divine Feminine (The Great Mother-Goddess) empowers and enables all possibilities.

    You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner Sun and your inner beauty on this path of inspiration. The dates have been specially chosen.

    During this transformational journey, your guides Sayari Manco, Sandra Gonzales and Dr. Pradeep Ullal will lead you to powerful spiritual energy centres and conduct special rituals, yogic meditations and shamanic ceremonies relating to the Stars, the Sun and the Moon as well as the Panchabhoota (Five Elements) for personal and planetary healing.

    Realize that each step in this Journey will be related to your own life’s journey and your desire for conscious evolution. We need you, we need your energy; we need
    more Power Beings in the World.

    Human journey is an exploration and expression of vibrations. Light descends onto earth in varying depths. There are places on planet earth which have sustained its sacred energy centers which are Earth Chakras. Late Titicaca is the second chakra of the planet.


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